We help science and technology firms introduce new or refresh products or services to respective markets. As technology follows Moore’s Law, the need for a multidiscipline marketing approach also increased.

SciTech Marketing lends marketing communications support in digital and traditional marketing media for firms involved in science and technology disciplines.

Our extensive background makes understanding new technology and applications a quick study, saving firms extensive amounts of time and resource development.

SciTech Marketing’s “right-sized” agency clients leverage an a la carte suite of services sought after by both start-up and larger sized firms need in proven knowledge based teams. These teams often need to be well versed for single market and multiple-market divisions, and be capable of delivering support on time and budget, without large amounts of wasted time spent explaining technology or markets. That’s why folks call us.

Each engagement begins with individuals well versed in achieving client goals ranging from branding, content and digital asset development, marketing campaigns, public relations, social media & traditional media, technical articles trade show booths & speaker engagements, video development, production, and online campaigns.

We adapt quickly and leverage knowledge based assets properly.


Are your ready to showcase your technology?