SciTech Marketing meets project or ongoing communication needs of science and technology firms. Our agency is used by technology firms looking for flexible professional marketing support to draw upon. Whether its an existing technology that needs a boost, or a new technology being deployed, clients rely on us for:

  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Continuity
  • Copywriting
  • Direct marketing
  • Logos
  • Media planning
  • Photography
  • Sales presentations
  • Social media
  • Trade show support
  • Video production
  • Web content
  • Website development

As new technology and marketing methods migrated from traditional media to multimedia and social media, clients have sought our help in branding, continuity, and targeting markets appropriately. Our multimedia marketing services are effective and reviewed for best practices to help our clients remain leaders in their respective markets.

Our tremendous product and software knowledge and understanding of applicable technical markets, when combined with how quickly we are able to assimilate a strategy and tactics for effective marketing, sets us apart and have earned our client’s respect.

At SciTech Marketing you’ll find seasoned professionals who’ve proven themselves through results. We’ve heard numerous stories and been called upon to remedy challenges caused when firms mistakenly dealt with an agency or freelancer lacking comprehension or technology application knowledge. If you have a similar challenge we can help.

Clients often state we offer a knowledge and marketing expertise few agencies posses.

We’re glad they noticed.  Our advantage is found by how we listen to what clients need and provide solutions. From corporate suite to the field, positive results are what count.

Look through press gained for SciTech Marketing’s clients.

“Results, not pitches made by script kitties or flackettes are what count.” We’ve never forgotten that fact.